Cooperation with ARMTEK

The current spare parts market is the place of never-ending competition and rivalry. A start-up business like no other needs support and cooperation. Finding a competent business partner is definitely a challenge for a yang aspiring business. But, if you apply to us, we insure you that ARMTEK is a professional and reliable partner.

ARMTEK is a leading supplier of spare parts and lubricants for commercial vehicles, passenger cars and vans in the territory of the Republic of Belarus and Russian Federation. Our Group of  Companies has been working in the spare parts market already for more than 20 years, during which we have obtained priceless experience, and we know, what profitable business cooperation means.

For its Suppliers ARMTEK offers profitable conditions for distribution of their products, provides extending of their sales market and many other solutions to increase profits and to accelerate the development of the business.

For suppliers

Do you produce or sell spare auto parts for passenger and commercial vehicles? Maybe you are a producer or seller of oils, automobile chemical goods and cosmetics, accessories, tools, equipment or other goods for vehicles? Do you want Armtek to sell your goods? If the answer is positive, please, fill in the form below and your cooperation request will be considered by us. In any possible case you will receive our feedback. In order to facilitate the processing of your request, please, fill in all the graphs in the form.

The feedback form for the suppliers

You can contact us using the form below. We will give answers to all your questions, possible remarks and any suggestions.