General information about ARMTEK charity program

Charity activities is an integral part of the Company’s business as they embody the ARMTEK corporate philosophy and values.

Aims of the ARMTEK charity activities:

  • Helping to pay for the treatment of seriously ill children when state-funded medical institutions are helpless.
  • Providing a service for the Company’s employees, which enables them to transfer money for charity fast, easily, and to reliable charity funds as well as suggest those who are in need of help.
  • Implementing the slogan “Helpful being helpful” by helping seriously ill children and each other in difficult situations.

The Company regularly holds initiatives making possible transfers of considerable amounts of money to charity funds:

  • We give 1% of the retail income of the ARMTEK store chain for charity.
  • We also organize Buy-and-Help campaigns in the stores. 

We cooperate only with tried-and-tested funds with a good reputation, credible founders, and inspection of the applicants for help.

All the funds raised through ARMTEK’s activities and the donations of the employees are accumulated in a charity fund. In order to allocate the funds the Supervisory Board was established. Each employee can ask the chairman of the Supervisory Board for help should he, his relatives, their children require treatment.

We monitor the fate of people who have been assisted. Their stories of fighting the disease motivate us to continue charity activities and to assist people.

We are convinced that every person has a desire to help others, therefore ARMTEK creates the conditions under which employees, clients and partners of the company through the means of interaction with our company have the opportunity to be engaged in charity activities in a simple and quick manner.

How can charity cooperation between ARMTEK and its partners take place?

  • We inform partners that a fund-raising campaign set for the treatment of a particular child has been announced. This means that the medical history is verified and there can be no fraud that unfortunately often occurs. You inform us about the decision to join the campaign.
  • Each partner has a chance to become a permanent participant of our charitable foundation and make donations on a regular basis. The format and terms of cooperation are discussed individually. This will also allow you to ask for help if your employees or people you love the most have trouble.

Since 2008, we transferred for charity


and helped children