The best supplier of the year of ARMTEK Group of Companies

Among the suppliers of ARMTEK Group of Companies there are a number of partners with whom we have developed a long and mutually beneficial cooperation or with whom we see clear prospects for such cooperation.

Our annual professional award “The Best Supplier of the Year of ARMTEK Group of Companies” was established specifically for these suppliers. As an acknowledgment of the highest status the winner in this category receives an exclusive prize – a trophy “Magnificent” . The trophy represents a corporate hero of ARMTEK. This piece of work was created by a popular Belarusian sculptor Andrei Ostashov, who made it in a limited quantity for ARMTEK that holds exclusive rights to this character.

How to become the Best Supplier of the Year of ARMTEK Group of Companies?

The results of the competition are summarized at the end of the calendar year.

The evaluation will be held for each supplier in accordance with the main and additional criteria.

Main criteria:

• purchasing volumes calculated in prices of the invoices, in EUR
• the profitability of sales according to the gross profit and taking into account also the amount of bonus income, %
• the conformity of actual order execution service with the declared one (terms, order fulfillment ratio).

Additional criteria:

• previous year’s purchasing volumes dynamics;
• improvement of the key terms of cooperation for the ARMTEK Group of Companies (additional points for every case);

  • payment conditions;
  • delivery terms;
  • bonus agreement;

• expressing of loyalty to the ARMTEK Group of Companies (deviation from the standard conditions of cooperation in case of force majeure);
• participation in the charity events organized by the ARMTEK Group of Companies; 
• improvement of the agreed bonus terms by the Supplier;
• decrease in the level of the Supplier’s service.

Each criterion brings points. The supplier having the most points will be determined as the best supplier. Only one supplier can be the winner of the competition.

In case of questions regarding participation in the competition of «The best supplier of the ARMTEK Group of Companies» or any other queries please contact your contact person from the International Contacts Department.

ARMTEK stands for long-term and mutual cooperation!