Mission and values

Our mission

We increase life quality and safety of people by making vehicle operation affordable.

We contribute to our partners’ success by ensuring presence of the leading suppliers’ products at a necessary place, time and range.

Our values

  • Positive thinking – a positive and active attitude to life, an ability in a thing, that has pluses and minuses, to see first of all pluses, and a desire to convert minuses into pluses. Intelligence can be both our best friend and our worst enemy; positive thinking means an ability to hamper negative thoughts from entering your conscience and to keep your inner mood up. People get what they expect to get.
  • Honesty – we appreciate the submission of reliable information under any circumstances. We can’t stand any manifestations of dishonesty. We do not welcome even the most minor lies.
  • Respect – each employee, regardless his/her official position, office, gender, nationality or religious convictions deserves the most respectful attitude. All opinions should be taken into consideration, even if they are contrary to your supervisor’s opinion.
  • Team work – unity and congruence of actions of the team members. Everything that we do, we should do together. Nobody will be able to reach the goal acting alone. You should have the possibility to rely on any member of your team, and any member of your team in its turn should be sure that he/she can reply on you.
  • Communication – in order to be effective, it should be bilateral, in other words, it should be a dialogue. This means that every employee should not just talk but listen, and not just the chief, but the subordinates as well.
  • Perfection – striving for changes and improvements in all aspects of our activity. We are ready to any changes, if in such a way we can become better and more effective.
  • Responsibility – every employee should do his/her best in doing the job, everyone should take responsibility for his/her actions and the results.
  • Trust – is a back bone of any relationship. In our company all employees are constantly expected to perform their actions so, that all people, with whom they interact, can always place confidence in them: whether these people are colleagues, customers, suppliers or partners.
  • Customer-centricity – a focus on customer needs (both exterior and interior), and also a priority of customer interests when making a decision by any employee of the company.
  • Drive for results – striving for achieving maximal and good-quality results. Ambition. The desire to find ways of solving problems instead of the reasons why the problems cannot be solved.