ARMTEK is a group of companies that unites specialists on the spare parts market for foreign-made passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

For more than 20 years, ARMTEK has been engaged in wholesale and retail trading of spare parts, consumables, and accessoriesfor passenger cars and commercial vehicles by the world leading manufacturers.

The ARMTEK group of companies has two main lines of business with its unique customers: selling product for the passenger cars and commercial vehicles service.

At the moment ARMTEK offers more than 15,000,000 items in stock and for orders by more than 2,300 brands. And we’re not at the top of the mountain. With constant expanding and adding new items to  the product range, we work on providing the buyer the opportunity to purchase all the range of spare parts he needs in one place and deliver him from wasting timewhile searching.

An extensive data base and a high level of technical knowledge and experience of our employees allow us to identify accurately the parts required by our customers and minimize all the risks of faulty selection .

The ARMTEK strategy is to build up a long-term cooperation with customers by meeting the demand both for spare parts and the related services to the full. We are always ready to provide legal entities, including sole proprietors, with wholesale offers for further cooperation. For individual buyers, we have created an ARMTEK retail chain, which  you can contact both to buy auto parts and components you need and to get  the service of your interest.